Hydrotest leak proof tools


Hydrotest leak proof tools

Due to international standards, each pressure part which is used in power plant and petrochemical should pass water tests. Both ASME and API have restrictions about high pressure equipments same as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, Drums, …. For being insured that they are fully sealed.

In the traditional manner blind welded caps are used for sealing nozzles which should be removed after test. Time and raw material are considerably high so it would be more profitable to used isolation plugs which are installed and dismantle easily and could be used hundred times.

The consumable for this process is just elastic gasket which should be replaced after 5 tests. The tool can be designed in both internal and external types.

External tools clamp from outside so different schedule of pipe, there would be need just one tool. On the other hand for internal tools for each pipe schedule the operator should use proper and specified tool.

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